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Txed Team's Summary and Commendation Meeting for Superseptember

Time: 2021-10-29

On October 26, 2021, the Txed team held an awards meeting for the Superseptember.

The event was divided into four stages: review of the kick-off meeting, awards ceremony, business resumption, and dinner party. The awards ceremony has individual awards such as Quick Shooter, Sharpshooter, Order King, Revenue King, Million Hero, Newcomer Breaking-shell Award and Team Overlord Group Award.

When individual awards are being presented...

Fast shooter, Sharpshooter and Revenue-king Awarding

Million Heroes Awarding

Newcomer Break-shell Awarding

The young ladies, who won the “Team Overlord Group Award”, are beautiful and talented.

After the awards, each salesman summarized the completion of the goals for the Superseptember and the first three quarters, and planned and warmed up the upcoming fourth quarter. Under the leadership of Mr Zejin Li, managing director and MsXueping Bai, president, the Txed team is united and full of confidence. It is bound to show their enthusiasm on the road to foreign trade! come on!!

After the meeting, all the team had a dinner party and have a good relax.