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Txed Electric Mountain Bike Riding Test at The Great Wall (日本語訳有)

Time: 2018-06-12

To test the performance of our electric mountain bikes, we, Txed team have made the riding test in the mountain off-road at the Great Wall in Northern Tianjin, China during June 8-11, 2018.


We rode our bikes on the natural rough path stepped by horses, which is covered with hard stones over the path, which is really a natural good off-road condition for mountain bikes.


After long test riding, all of our bikes including electric mountain bikes and electric fat bikes keep still very well.


This prove the high quality situation of the electric bikes made by our Txed team.


Here are some photos of our activities at the Great Wall.

「TXED グレートウォール(万里の長城)にてE-MTB(電動マウンテンバイク)試乗テスト」



 長時間に渡る試乗テストの後、E-MTB(E-Fat Bike含む)の全種類が非常に快適な走りを実現しました。


Our riding team, they are very excited to start their riding journey in the Great Wall.



This is our electric carbon mountain bike, called “E Carbon Tech 8000”, and you can see the “Chinese Dragon” at the Great Wall twisting and turning on the mountains down to our feet.

この自転車は電動カーボンMTB、【Eカーボンテック8000】です。そして後ろで万里の長城の名所 "中国龍" が見えます。




Even in the rough mountain off-road, Txed bike is still providing the strong power for you to go forward.



We, Txed Team were riding on the Great Wall, where is quite dangerous for biking.



Everybody of Txed Team are enthusiast to their activity. We have well tested the performance of quality electric bikes, as well as we have built our stronger team cohesion.