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Txed Bike in Recent Shanghai Cycle Fair 2019

Time: 2019-06-27

The booth of Txed Bike become one of the highlight of Shanghai Bicycle Show 2019, different from the other boothes. It is built like a typical Holland town, with windmill, solar panel roof and double-route bike lane. The big window of the house become bicycle show case. This unique booth is showing deep love from Txed Team, "we would like to manufacture high classes bicycles and electric bikes, the green vehicles, to contribute to the deal ecological globe that is suitable to life for mankind".

At this unique green booth, there are many kinds of bicycles and electric bikes exposed over there. Those bikes try to meet various kinds of people's demand. We have city bikes, electric and non-electric, applied with retro design and modern technology, which is people's transport means for daily life.

We have electric sports bikes, electric mountain bikes and trekking bikes, applied with most trendy design and advanced battery solution, which is good bikes for people to go close the nature!

We have exposed our folding bikes, electric and non electric, with our unique design and function, which bring with great convinience for people to go out for a short distance, especially to go somewhere with train and subway.

We have exposed our electric delivery bikes for pizza or some other foodstuff, which improve people's daily life with those quick delivery.

We have also exposed our newly upgraded electric sharing bikes and regular bikes. In fact, our electric sharing bikes enjoy ready market in the world and we are assisting some country to improve the daily life with our high quality electric and regular sharing bikes. The sharing bikes brought people with new way to use the green vehicles, wiithout investing the bikes by themselves. The bikes can be sharing with each other.

El Eagle, the leisure sports electric chopper bikes make pople to enjoy their leisure time in beach and somewhere with rough road, like stong brick paved road and even forest.

Our booth enjoy great attention and have gathered with many overseas customers. Our regular customers are more confident with us and there are many new customers start cooperation with us.

Below is the video for you to view most of the exhibits exposed at our booth.