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TXED Bike in EUROBIKE 2017!

Time: 2017-09-10

We, Txed Bike, participated just now the recent Eurobike 2017, in Germany.

Eurobike is most biggest bicycle professional fair in the world. This Fair is quite important for us, as it’s a certain truth that 90% of our clients are from European countries, and actually we already have 23 years' successful experience in manufacturing and exporting European standard bicycles and electric bikes. It is a good chance for us to meet some of our ready customers in Europe and find some new potential customers.

The Conception of Our Booth

The main color of our booth is vivid green, as our mission is to service our worldwide customers with our bicycles and electric bikes which is powered by the green and clean energy. We believe as the most environment-friendly vehicles, bicycles and electric bikes are always the best way to go out, whatever to go to work, to do shopping or to spend time in a holiday.

Our Exhibits - Electric City Bike

Most of our electric city bike exhibits are designed for Dutch and German market, which means they are accepted by all European consumers. With 23 years’ experience, we know very well the European market, as we know what they will like and what they will not like. Especially, we exposed the e-city bike with belt drive, which is innovative at very reliable quality and competitive price.

Our Exhibits - Electric Mountain Bike

From 2015, we predicted the following trends in the future, it would be electric sports bicycles, especially electric mountain bike. So we started developing these bike from that time. This year, it seem it verifies what we thought should be right. Most of our electric sports bike exhibts have been taken. With electric sports bicycle, people have a fresh selection to go traveling and sports. When you want to closely enjoy the nature in the mountain area, but you may be worried if your physical power is enough for go up to the mountain. Please ride our electric mountain bike, which is equipped with high efficient and powerful middle motor, you can achieve your wishes easily. When you experience the majesty of the nature, you can switch off the power and enjoy cycling by yourself. When you feel tired, you can switch on the power. So you will enjoy your traveling at your pleasure!

Our Exhibits - Electric Folding Bike

In recent days, we have made a great improvement to our unique folding bike “EJ2GO electric”. To make sure the bike more stable after folding, we have added the magnetic buttons. We have installed the integrated head light, to make this folding bike with trendy components.

Our Exhibits - Retro City Bike

At the Show, our retro city bikes is very attractive to many dealers and personal buyer. Since 2000, our team start focusing on the research in European style retro bikes. We have developed a wide range of retro bikes based on the European tradition and the modern science and technology. Now, we have developed not only the regular retro bikes, but also the retro electric bikes. We can accept OEM orders from our customer, applied with hiten steel or cromoly steel. We can apply the regular chain drive and modern belt drive, according to customers’ demand.

We have to point that we have successfully developed the Italian retro city bike series. This model is originated from Italy. At present, they are mainly manually made in Italian manufacturers. After we have developed this bike model, we should become the only manufacturer outside Italy who can make such a fine works. According to customers’ request, we can make them with different outside decorations, for example, painting with lined lugs or painting with CP finished lugs.

See You Next Year in Eurobike 2018!

It is surely a successful exposition for us, as we have to meet and talk with a lot of visitors from all the world without stop in whole fair time, introducing our great products and service.

Next year in 2018, the Eurobike shall be opened again during July 8 to 10. We hope to meet more customers come to visit our booth, to view our new development for next year. Please wait and see it!