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The years are like songs, the feelings are still

Time: 2022-06-13

On 30th June, at the halfway point of 2022, the Txed Sales family welcomes team building and retiree farewell party.

Ride the wind and waves together

The general manager gives an opening statement

In order to better promote everyone's relaxation and communication after heavy work, we planned a series of activities, games and prizes. The activity scene was very lively, and everyone took part in it and enjoy it very.

Prizes to be awarded

Drumming with music to pass flowers and guessing the blind box

“A Frog” Team Game

Employees take the initiative to sing.

There was a lot of laughter at the game site, and the partners released their pressure and enjoyed the happiness.

The joy of victory

After the game, we held a farewell ceremony for the retired employees, who have been with the company for more than ten years and witnessed the company's magnificent development in the pasted years.When they saw the well-made video clips, they looked back on the passionate years in the Txed Sales family and deeply expressed their reluctance to everybody. Parting is not the end, they will be forever members of our Txed family. We wish them a happy retirement and a happy family in the days to come.

Txed Sales family sing the song ‘’Friends’’ of Mr Huajian Zhou, celebrating the successful completion of the team building and the retiree farewell party.

We hope that in the future working and life, all the Txed members can work hard and live happily.

In the end, the whole Txed sales team took a group photo together.