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The Last Working Day Before Chinese New Year Holiday

Time: 2021-02-08

The Traditional Chinese New Year is coming. Today, February 8, 2021 is the last working day of our company. Our Txed Team are excellent and still worked carefully till the last second. Everyone was full of spirit for the last day before the holiday.


Txed group prepared small gifts for each Txed family member and gave them to everyone at today's morning meeting.


Our members were shouting slogans, ready to “fight” in the last day before the holiday.




We are also working carefully to make our boutique electric bikes until the last second. Today we are producing a large order to the United States.



For each Chinese people, it is only after the Lunar New Year that a new year begins. In the new year, Txed's goal is to produce more excellent bicycles and electric bikes for the world, to make everyone have a more convenient and cleaner way to move and travel. In the meanwhile, Txed Bike go to more brilliant!



Our company will come back to work on February 18, 2021. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.