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The Expo in Uzbekistan

Time: 2019-06-27

On June 12 - 14, we brought our quality cost-effective regular bicycles and electric bikes to the Expo in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

This is our first time landing in Uzbekistan. People showed their great interest to our high-quality regular bicyle, especially electric bike. Here are the models we exposed there. At the Show, our quality European style bicycles and electric bikes enjoy great appeal to the local officials, dealers and consumers in Uzbekistand. All our exhibits have been sold out one day before this show is closed.

The vice-prime minister of Uzbekistan come to our booth, showing great interest to our carbon road bike.

The local residents are showing great interest to our European style bicycles and electric bikes, although the models we brought there are all the entry level ones.

With business development, we are looking for the great customers in Uzbekistan. With 25 years of technical and quality precipitation, we shall bring our quality electric bike and regular bicycles here in Uzbekistan. In this first landing, we shall take our newly developed European standard cost-effective bicycles and electric bikes.