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Special Memory of Weekend Trip

Time: 2017-09-15

Last weekend, our company organized all colleagues to go on a trip in Baiyangdian and Baishi Mountain, Hebei Province.

Txed is a company who focus on the career development and welfare systems of all staffs. Meanwhile, our company has approved by BSCI. In our group, there are more than 100 emploees, including office department and production department.

Because Txed deeply feels that staffs are the core of company. Txed has created harmonious working atmosphere to build up a more cooperative company. There are about more than 100 people working in Txed happily. Every staff wants to make more contribution to this working team, and they are proud of their flourishing and developing company, Txed.

Baiyangdian Lake

At 9:00 in the morning, we arrived at our first tourist attraction, Baiyangdian, which located in An Xin County, Hebei Province. There are three scenic spots, first one is Yuanyang Island, the second is Exotic Exhibition, and the third is Lotus Attraction.

Because all the tourist attractions are in island, we have chances to view the beauty of all scenery in the steamer boat. All colleagues are very happy to travel in the steamer boat, birds are flying around up and down, and swans are swimming in the river, lotus are competitive to blossoming. It is great opportunity for us to get close to nature and breathe fresh air, and soft wind going with us all the way.

Lotus Land

Lotus Attraction is another part of the daily highlights. A crowd of Lotus blossoming in the river gives us another understanding of life. Everyone will sense the purity and stop a while to view beyond description beauty.

Baishi Mountain

We went to Baishi Mountain. Because its height, we might feel uncomfortable at first.

However, we came to normal condition very soon. At the top of Baishi Mountain, we experience different viewing angles; all the things are different from our common sense. At first, we did not have courage to step the most dangerous area. When we finally succeeded landing in the top area. It is so gorgeous and excellent feeling.

Glass Skywalk

In the Mid September 2014, Glass Skywalk of Baishi Mountain serves tourists in public. It is known as the longest, widest, and at the highest altitude in China.

We went to Glass Skywalk by cable car. When we arrived at the altitude of 1936 meters, we lost courage to look down. Meanwhile, we felt extremely cool in our shorts. We hurried to put on our own warm clothes. In the process, we gave high appreciation to the great work done by diligent and intelligent Chinese. After a while, we gradually calmed down and waved to other followers. We were eager to look up and down to view beautiful sights.

Happy Dining Time

In the evening, all staffs in txed enjoyed local delicious food together, and shared their true feelings and happiness of trip. Our team members just like families, laughing and chatting, and everything seemed so harmonious and comfortable.

Our Group Photo

The trip was coming to an end, although a bit of tired, we gained more good memory.

The trip gave us more chances to communicate and cooperate with each other. Everyone is friendly and helpful. We love this team.