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Our Booth at Interbike! - Energized by Green and Clean

Time: 2017-09-22

We, Txed has participated in Interbike in Las Vegas, USA, September 20 to 22. In the exposition, we displayed our newly developed electric bikes and bicycles to dignified customers all over the world.

By the way, recently, our company has successfully completed Eurobike 2017. For more detailed information, please visit Here.

At Interbike, our fascinated products has gained appreciation and admiration from visitors from all over the world.

Chopper Bike

Especially local Americans have special preference to our chopper bicycle and electric chopper bike, and we are honor that our chopper bicycle exhibit have already purchased by our clients on the first day of exposition. This model was creatively designed on the basis from Harley Motorcycle. The most outstanding characteristic is beautiful streamlined handlebars, extended Harley body, and the front headlight which enjoys good sense of presence.

Compared with original Harley Motorcycle, our chopper bike is energized by green and clean, simple designed frame and fork, made of aluminum material which makes it light weight, which was well coincides with the needs of modern life.

To know more about chopper bike series:
- Eagle (non-electric) http://www.txedbike.com/eagle-314.html
- El eagle (electric) http://www.txedbike.com/el-eagle-321.html

Traditional Italiano brake Bicycle

This model was also well accepted by clients all over the world at Interbike, most local American clients were interested in as well. If you see the photo attentively, you will find this bike doesn't have any brake cable. Nowadays, most of this model bikes were from origin in Italy. But we have developed this model successfully and we should be the only manufacturer outside Italy.

We not only have the same workmanship and mechanical function as Italy, but also we have more economical pricing. It is no doubt that we have provided more alternatives for people pursuing high standard of life style.

To know more about chopper bike series:
- Stile Italiano L26 (Female model) http://www.txedbike.com/stile-italiano-l-319.html
- Stile Italiano M28 (Male model) http://www.txedbike.com/stile--italiano-m-320.html

Solar Charger Bag

It is always our dream to pursue more green and clean energy. Which energy can be most available for human beings? Solar should be the best. Therefore, Txed makes full use of this Solar energy to manufacture Solar charger bag. Not only in our booth, but also in entire fair, Solar charger bag has gained the greatest attentions from the visitors came from all over the world. Especially in America, Brazil, and areas near to South America, owing to be rich in sunshine, Solar charger bag will have more advantages in these areas.

Our Solar charger bag has been approved and audited as one patented product, and has been well accepted by its loved clients all over the world. Several years ago, we submitted application and then Germany Government gained and approved our application of our patented Solar charger bag immediately. This is one product of energized by green and clean. By the way, our Solar charger bag has been interviewed and reported by local media in the Netherlands, and local government spoke highly of it.

If you would like to know more information about solar charger bag, please do not hesitate to contact us. At Interbike, we also have exhibited some other excellent models, for example, electric bikes, drive belt system models and so on.

Retro City Bikes

To know more about our retro city line: http://www.txedbike.com/city-retro-line-63.html

Thanks and best regards to all our dignified and beloved clients from all over the world, and your attention and appreciation is our continuous motivation of development.

If you couldn't visit Interbike, then we are glad to inform you that we are going to participate Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair) in Guangzhou from October 15-19. Our newly developed fat bike model and compactly foldable bike will be shown there. We are waiting for your coming.

See you!