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Our Booth at Eurobike 2018

Time: 2018-07-25

We, Txed Bike, participated just now the recent Eurobike during July 8-10 2018, in Germany.

Eurobike is a very influential exhibition in the bicycle industry and also the most biggest bicycle professional fair in the world. This Fair is very important for us, as it’s a certain truth that 90% of our clients are from European countries, and actually we already have 24 years' successful experience in manufacturing and exporting European standard bicycles and electric bikes. It is a good chance for us to meet some of our ready customers in Europe and find some new potential customers.


Our Booth at Eurobike

The main color of our booth is vivid green, as our mission is to service our worldwide customers with our bicycles and electric bikes which are powered by the green and clean energy. We believe as the most environment-friendly vehicles, bicycles and electric bikes are always the best way to go out, whatever to go to work, to do shopping or to spend time in a holiday.


The Highlight of Our Exhibits 

1. E Carbon Tech 8000 27.5

At the Show, this model should be the most popular one by visitors from all over the world. This an excellent performance electric mountain bikes, 27.5"x2.1, constructed with carbon fiber frame and SUNTOUR suspension fork, SHIMANO hydraulic disc brakes as well as full set SHIMANO E-8000 series electric components for electric mountain bikes. We make the most trendy design, one is colorful vivid and another is dark and graceful. Weight: 20kg including 36V/500Wh battery (refer to our official website at: http://www.txedbike.com/e-carbon-tech-e--397.html)


2. E Going Carbon X8M

This is our another carbon fiber e-model. This is also an excellent performance electric trekking bikes, 27.5x2.2, constructed with carbon fiber frame and SUNTOUR suspension fork, TEKTRO hydraulic disc brakes, SHIMANO DEORE 9-speed, equipped with BAFANG MAX DRIVE middle motor, LCD panel, trendy design with dark color, showing the remarkable technology achivements, csrefully designed and manufactured details by hands. Weight: 22.6 kg including 36V/10.4Ah battery (refer to our official website at: http://www.txedbike.com/e-carbon-tech-xm--405.html)


3. Power Tech Rambler Electric MM

This is a supper excellent performance bike equipped with fat tire 26"x4.0, constructed with alloy frame, air shock and super bearings, which is a super high end suspension frame. The professional suspension, SHIMANO DEORE 9-speed, BAFANG MAX DRIVE middle motor system equipped. You can enjoy the wonderful cycling experience with this bike on the special area and road, including brick pavement, sand and cobblestone beach, jungle and other rough road. (refer to our official website at: http://www.txedbike.com/power-tech-rambler-electric-mm-404.html)


4. E-Times City 8000HT belt

This model is the most popular electric city in European market. On the basis of it, we have equipped the belt drive to this model, which more cleaning and silence, more suitable for riding on city street. 700x38C, it is constructed with alloy frame and SUNTOUR suspension fork, SHIMANO NEXUS 7-speed hub, 36V/250W motor and 36V/10.4Ah battery. Weight: 26.0kg (refer to our official website at: http://www.txedbike.com/e-times-city-ht-belt-308.html)


New Rental Electric Bike System

Rental bike business is different from sharing bikes. The preliminary stage investment is not very big, it is very suitable for personal business owners to cooperate with local tourism, such as tourist spot, hotels etc.


Our rental system has the following strengths:


1. Since you invest much less, you will be easily to start the rent bike business. You are not necessary to invest the expensive App software as the sharing bike at the market.


2. The hotel or tourist spot are responsible for managing the bikes. Therefore, you will be not necessary to invest high labor cost to do the daily care of the bikes. Since when a customer rent the bike at Reception, the bikes shall be returned without be worried about any missing. That is to say, no need GPS/GPRS or anti-thief and anti-artificial damage components, renting bike can be made more economic than public sharing bike.


3. There are many hotels in your local area. So the renting market is quite wide.


4. Due to this software are applied, you can check the real renting report anytime you want, which is clearly listed the using period of each bike you provide to the Hotels. So you don't have to worry about the financial problems.


5. Do you think it's convenient to download App when a tourist want to ride a bike just a few days or less? Our renting bike just needs a magnetic card to unlock and lock the bike you rent. It is very easy and convenient!


Here is the simulation video to show the whole procedure of how to rent a bike at hotel: https://youtu.be/wk40htwTdRc


Second, as for the sharing bikes, we are in a position to supply the superior reliable bikes, and then, you can save lot of money in daily maintenance. We have apply the full solution to our sharing bicycles and electric bike, including anti-theft (such as saddle & seat post, pedals and front & rear wheels), anti artificial damage (bell, integrated wheels and etc), stainless as well as free maintenance (integrated wheels, special brake system, non-inflatable tires and etc). If you have no App and smart lock supplier, we can supply the full system at competitive price and then, we can supply you the most reliable sharing bikes and the sharing system together, if needed.


Txed Solar Panel Charger Bag with German Patent 

In fact, we are developing the solar charging for electric bikes since 2014 and our product have been patented in EU and China. The present solar bag are equipped with light and flexible solar panel, with which is quite easy to carry.


1. Model SUNGENS-I

This is a electric bike mounted solar double-bag charger. At present, we apply the powerful light and flexible solar panel to cover the rear carrier mounted double-bag, with extended cable to plug in the battery of an electric bike. Since this solar panel charger is also functioned as a double-bag, with which riders can carry his picnic tableware and kitchenware, or use it for shopping and other daily convenient usage. The double main solar panel can be opened when the electric bike is parked under the sun, to charge the bike battery.



This is a folding solar panel charger, which is made of powerful light and flexible solar panel and can be folded down in a very small package. This package can be put in your laptop bag or your backpack. When your electric bike is stand under the sun, you can open the folding solar panel charger and extended on the ground. When the charging cable plug in the bike battery, the bike will be efficiently charged.


At this moment, the samples are available. If needed, please feel free to contact us to order.


Txed Unique Babies Balance Bike 


Nowadays baby balance bike becomes more famous all over the world. According to this market demand, we have released several unique baby balance bike models.



This is very high end running bike, made of integrated alloy frame, with light weight and strong structure.



This is also very unique design, with front and rear single fork, different from the regular ones with double fork.


3. T-BIKE (Txed babies' tricycle)

This is a tricycle type for younger 1-3 years' baby. Nice design with humanization design.


More Exhibits information please refer the home page of www.txedbike.com, “Our recommended bikes that exposed in Eurobike Fair during July 8-10, 2018”.