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Let's participate in together the production skills competition!

Time: 2022-06-13

In order to improve the skill level of employees, stimulate their enthusiasm to improve their technical level, and let more highly skilled employees have the opportunity to show themselves, our TXED factory held a competition for the skills of employees in the production workshop. The general manager and the heads of various departments in the workshop also came to the scene to watch and guide the game.

After the game, the contestants and the referees took a group photo together.

Competition slogans including:
Knowledge changes destiny, skills achieve careers...
Employment promotion depends on skill level competition...

The chairman gives an opening statement

The competition has set up items such as cranks & chainwheel installation, BB axle installation, front fork installation, front and rear gear transmission installation and adjust and etc. There are about 60 participants, and each person takes turns to participate in each event, and people advance to individual rematches after being selected, based on time-trial results.

In the game of BB axle installation

In the game of cranks & chainwheel installation

Timing in the game

Record the results at the game

The scene of the competition was very lively, and the contestants were engrossed in operating the assembly works on the workbench, showing their good operation skills and craftsman spirit.

The spectators were not idle, cheering and cheering sounded from time to time, as if he were the one who were playing at the moment.

Celebrate the success of the competition

This skill competition is not only a test of speed and skill, but also an opportunity to promote mutual exchange and learning among employees. It further stimulates the enthusiasm of all our employees for work and learning skills, and makes progress together in such a harmonious and loving atmosphere.

Due to the high enthusiasm of the participants, the number of participants exceeded expectations, and there were still some projects that have not been carried out within the specified time. We are looking forward to our next exciting competition.