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Canton Fair Review of Txed Bike

Time: 2023-12-17

On October 15, 2023, the 134th China Import and Export Fair was grandly opened at Guangzhou. Li Zejin, General Manager of Xiangjin (Tianjin) Cycle Co., Ltd., led his colleagues to participate in the exhibition and launched a series of new electric bicycles, including electric mountain bikes,  motorcycle style e bikes, electric delivery bikes, electric chopper bikes, electric city bikes and electric folding bikes and electric sharing bikes, showing the diverse aspects of a green future. In technological innovation, design concepts and users’ experience, each product from Txed is a unique exploration of future development, providing users with more choices. This article will show you the diversity and future vision of this green electric bikes.

Xiangjin (Tianjin) Cycle Co., Ltd. has undergone nearly 30 years of accumulation in technology and quality. In terms of bicycles, TXED has been producing and selling for nearly 30 years in the European market, and electric bicycles have been in production for 20 years. In 2022, our sales of electric bicycles alone exceeded 150000 units without any negative feedback. Our factory has successfully passed ISO9001:2015 certification and BSCI accreditation. Many electric bicycles have been certified by TUV Rheinland in Germany. The global insurance is covered with the People's Insurance Company of China (PICC).

Here is the video to review our booth at the Fair:

Diversified product debut: different models meet different needs

1. E Times tour Premium, a Motorcyle stye e Bike with double batteries

This model is an exclusive premium motorcycle style e fat bike. It can achieve dual batteries, greatly extending the cycling range. The battery adopts a hidden design, and the exposed cables are reasonably hidden, making the appearance simple and clean. In particular, you can equip electroacoustic speaker to simulate the sound wave of a motorcycle during cycling. It makes this bike an even more strong retro feel.

The overall design of this motorcycle style electric bicycle is simple and elegant, and it can be equipped with various new functions, making it easy to use and suitable for high-end consumers to choose from. After installing the gas tank shaped battery box, this bike has a more retro feel.We’ve installed a sturdy cloth case in the space below the long saddle. The opening of this case is equipped with a zipper and a combination lock, which makes it more convenient for riders to safely store some personal items, such as chain locks and tools. Our unique innovation adds a lot of points to this bike, owing to the high-end convenience

2. eXtreme ADVENTURE, a dirt bike style e bike

It is in the off-road motorcycle overall design and preserves its wild game, but it is relatively safe to ride on legitimate roads and can also be easily converted into high power off-road riding mode, when needed. So in some countries, you don't need to have a license plate like a motorcycle, and you don't need to have a driver's license when riding on the road.

The battery case adopts our patented structure, making both the battery case cover and handle compatible. Once the upper cover is locked, not only can it be moved or stolen, but the discharge plug will also be securely locked and inserted, which make it impossible for others to remove the discharge plug. In this way, it ensure the safe operation of this e bike.

3.More Motorcycle Style e Bike

This is our newly unique developed model, with our self-developed design patent. As our unique exhibit, this model has attracted a lot of customers to stop and watch, take photos, and many customers want to bring this business opportunity to their own market.

Crucero de Playa I, an electric fat tire cruiser bike with sidecar

The 720Wh Lithium battery integrated into the gas tank, the extra large retro headlight and the fat tires make this electric bike look more like a retro cruiser motorcycle.

El Eagle ARII4, an electric chopper scooter

The electric chopper fat bikes not only inherits the classic appearance of Harley, but also is equipped with advanced electric power assistance system, bringing unique riding style and efficient travel mode to the riders.

The overall design of the El Eagle ARII4 is a unique patented by us. The saddle is adjustable and suitable for various heights and body types. Saving energy, using the accelerator to gain power, it brings people a symbol of a leisurely lifestyle.

4.Quick Delivery DP4, an electric delivery bike with double batteries

This model has been carefully designed and professionally manufactured for delivery and courier service  professionals. It solved many pain points in this industry, which is the top classes of the delivery bikes. Double 15Ah high capacity batteries provide sufficient power for delivery work, with a range of up to 150km. The high-strength integrated rear carrier and integrated aluminum wheels make this bike more sturdy and increase its load capacity.

5.Unique Electric Folding Bike

Txed patented folding eBike is a unique electric powered 3-fold folding bike. It is very smart, becoming a 70*38*73cm square shaped object, after folding. It is light in weight, about 18kg only.  It delivers superior convinence for all users.

At the same time, we have made improvements to the details, making this bike equipped with many high-end features, such as fully hidden batteries, color LCD display integrated with handle stem, and front and rear lights integrated with the bike body. This bike is carefully made with simplicity and elegance. Don't lose out on so-called well-known brand folding bikes.

6. E Bike2Share, the electric sharing bikes

Electric sharing bikes are a new attempt by our company for future urban travel. Emphasis is placed on practicality and sharing concepts, while also equipped with professional charging stations for sharing bicycles, providing users with more convenient and green sharing travel solutions.

The e Bike2Share electric assisted sharing bike is convenient for urban cycling and meets the needs of normal urban cycling. The appearance is simple, light in weight, and it combines the characteristics of all sharing bicycles, preventing damage, anti theft, anti embroidery and free maintenance. Meanwhile, sharing bicycles are gender neutral and can be ridden by both men and women.

Further more, some of our high-quality but affordable new models at the fair have also received the interstings of buyers. After a simple quotation and specific introduction, we simply expressed our intention to order:

1. E Times Tour JR

The E Times Tour JR is electric motorcycle style e fat bikes in junior size, which best suit for younster who are around 1.5-1.8m in height.The overall design of this bike is elegant and innovative in style. The saddle is equipped with welded reinforced protective plates, which are carved with regular holes, which not only increases the strength of the bike structure, but also brings a more beautiful and sporty feel to the bike. A decorative alumium plate is installed in front of the rear fork, and the battery case is semi hidden. It has a good protective effect on the battery, together with its beautiful decoration and logo, it brings charm and elegance to this bike.Not only is the design novel and charming, but an important feature of this bike is its simple and strong structure at a low cost, making it a cost-effective and affordable transportation option for both teenagers and adults.

2. E Power Going R4

This bike looks very high classes from its appearance, with a very sturdy and beautiful frame design, which looks no different from the high-end aluminum alloy hydrauforming frames. However, in reality, the frame is entirely made of low-cost steel..So, the price of such a high-end style electric bicycle is very good.

3. E Going Genius

As a Hybrid Bike, it is equipped with flat hanlebar similar to a mountain bike, providing a full sense of sportiness and the ability to adapt to comfortable cycling on multiple roads and paths. This model with the high-end, simple and elegant design, especially the battery is well hidden in the lower pipe of the car, and the high-end rear carrier, making it have a good taste as a high-end bike. But meantime, we have explored its potential to achieve the lowest cost without sacrificing quality. This brings good news to the general public who love sports because our model has a high cost-effectiveness. People and customers can still enjoy the relaxed and enjoyable cycling activities in the wilderness, even at a low cost.

4. Amsterdam Cargo F

This bike combines the advantages of Dutch household urban cargo bikes, such as the traditional special handlebars, sturdy front and rear rack, front steering locks for stable parking, and a simple and elegant hidden battery structure. However, through our efforts, under the condition of no sacrifice in quality, we are making it at the lowest cost, more affordable and it is suitable for all families.

The swept handlebars keep the rider's arms relaxed. The super comfortable traditional saddle with double cone-springs  makes the rider particularly comfortable.Due to its reinforced front and rear carrier, this bike can carry a lot of heavy cargo, bringing convenience to people's lives. A steering lock is installed on the head tube, to prevent the bike from losing balance and tipping over when parked, even if some items are placed on the front carrier.

Users’ experience: the emotional impact of actual cycling

1. Trial riding experience: At the Canton Fair, we will set up a trial riding area to allow users to experience the charm of the new electric assisted bicycles themselves. This will become an important part of user interaction, continuously optimizing product performance through actual feedback from users.

2.User Story Sharing: Through real user stories, we will demonstrate how users can change their daily travel habits through the new electric assisted bicycles. This kind of story will be closer to life and leave a beautiful mark for future green travel.

Future Vision: Green, Intelligent, and Healthy Travel Life
Green and Environmental Protection Concept: Our company has always adhered to the concept of green and environmental protection. Through the new electric assisted bicycles, we will convey the concept of environmentally friendly travel to users. Electric bicycles will play a more important role in future urban travel.

Mission of technological innovation: Our company is committed to promoting the development of green technology and providing users with more intelligent travel solutions. We are willing to work together with users to usher in a new era of green, intelligent and healthy travel.

In addition, some of our cost-effective new models at this fair have also been favored by a large number of buyers. After a simple quotation and specification introduction, some customers clearly expressed our intention to order.

During the Fair, our colleagues received over 280 customers from different countries and regions, many of whom showed strong interest in our exhibits. After the meeting, many customers also visited our company.

This time, our new electric assisted bicycles will join hands with users and sail towards the vast world of green travel in the future. At the 2023 Canton Fair, let's witness this feast of green travel together and usher in a new era of green, intelligent and healthy travel.

We are always striving for more excellence!