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Worldwide Renting Bike Solution


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Rental bike business is different from sharing bikes. The preliminary stage investment is not very big, it is very suitable for personal business owners to cooperate with local tourism, such as tourist spot, hotels etc.

How to rent a bike?

Step 1.Having checked in the hotel, you can ask to rent the bike at the reception. You will get the bike card, which is corresponding to an appointed bike.

Step 2.Swipe the card on the bike "SWIPE SENSOR AREA" which should be on the battery case, the bike lock will open.

Step 3.When you need to temporarily park the bike somewhere, please swipe the card and then lock the bike. And then, when you need the bike again, just swipe the card on the sensor once, the lock will open again.

Step 4.To return the bike, please park the bike in the hotel appointed area. Place the card on the sensor again to lock the bike. Finally, you can return the card back to the reception to settle down the payment.

Note:Please return the bike at the appointed area of the hotel. Please take care of the bike to be locked, when you need to park it somewhere temporarily.

Our rental system has the following strengths:

1. Since you invest much less, you will be easily to start the rent bike business. You are not necessary to invest the expensive App software as the sharing bike at the market.

2. The hotel or tourist spot are responsible for managing the bikes. Therefore, you will be not necessary to invest high labor cost to do the daily care of the bikes. Since when a customer rent the bike at Reception, the bikes shall be returned without be worried about any missing. That is to say, no need GPS/GPRS or anti-thief and anti-artificial damage components, renting bike can be made more economic than public sharing bike.

3. There are many hotels in your local area. So the renting market is quite wide.

4. Due to this software are applied, you can check the real renting report anytime you want, which is clearly listed the using period of each bike you provide to the Hotels. So you don't have to worry about the financial problems.

5. Do you think it's convenient to download App when a tourist want to ride a bike just a few days or less? Our renting bike just needs a magnetic card to unlock and lock the bike you rent. It is very easy and convenient!

Here is the simulation video to show the whole procedure of how to rent a bike at hotel:

Second, as for the sharing bikes, we are in a position to supply the superior reliable bikes, and then, you can save lot of money in daily maintenance. We have apply the full solution to our sharing bicycles and electric bike, including anti-theft (such as saddle & seat post, pedals and front & rear wheels), anti artificial damage (bell, integrated wheels and etc), stainless as well as free maintenance (integrated wheels, special brake system, non-inflatable tires and etc). If you have no App and smart lock supplier, we can supply the full system at competitive price and then, we can supply you the most reliable sharing bikes and the sharing system together, if needed.