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A routine mountain biking test by Txed

Time: 2021-12-13

During the golden autumn weekend, the TXED quality test team arranged an outdoor cycling quality test for our electric mountain bikes. This time I chose the far mountainous area of Jizhou, north of Tianjin, mainly because this place is mostly undulating peaks, deep valleys and ravines.  Not only is the scenery beautiful, there are many natural rough mountain gravel roads, which is our ideal excellent cycling test place.

The models being tested this week is a fat-tyre electric mountain bike. As the name indicate, the bike has thick and wide tires, which become the latest fashion of riding. Such tires are designed to be able to ride in some surface environments you don't even want, such as gravel gully roads in deep mountains.

The ride started on a spacious and flat road. Riding on it, we didn't feel the feeling of bumps at all. The red and yellow leaves on both sides of the road are so beautiful and pleasant. Then we decided to go directly into the deep mountains to ride. The roads in the mountains are bumpy and winding. This kind of road is hard for usual electric mountain bikes to control and ride.

Riding on a flat road


Riding on gravel roads

We TXED regularly conduct cycling tests and cycling experiences on our electric mountain bikes in the mountains in northern Tianjin every week. We have different testing and experience subjects, including:

1. Performance test of motor and system
We continued to climb up and downhill and cycled repeatedly to compare the real performance of different brands of electrical systems. At the same time, we compare different performance characteristics such as overheating protection points of electrical systems;

2. Bike body impact resistance test
We repeatedly ride on the mountain natural gravel pavement, and find out whether our overall performance has passed the test and whether the impact resistance is excellent. At the same time, we personally experience the riding comfort under such riding conditions;

Through these actual riding tests and experience activities, we are prompted to discover and manufacture our most optimized system configuration. Continuously improve the performance of our electric bicycles. It can truly make our electric bicycles not only fashionable and avant-garde, but also outstanding in performance.

We are always striving for more excellence!