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A routine e biking test by Txed

Time: 2023-11-17

On the golden autumn weekend, the Txed quality test team arranged an outdoor cycling quality test for our electric bikes. This time, the location was chosen in the Jizhou mountainous area of Tianjin. Jizhou is located at the intersection of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei, and the Great Wall extends from here on. Since ancient times, it has been a land of beautiful scenery. Nowadays, Jizhou, with its pleasant natural scenery and rich cultural heritage, has become a popular destination for cycling enthusiasts and is also our ideal place for cycling testing.

There are two models being tested this week, one is a fat tire motorcycle style e bike, as its name suggests, with thick and wide tires - becoming the latest trend in cycling. This model of e bike is designed to be able to ride in some surface environments that you wouldn't even think of, such as gravel ravines in deep mountains; The other is an electric off-road motorcycle style e bike, which adopts advanced electric power assistance technology and provides reliable and efficient power support with strong electric engine power. In addition, the powerful shock absorption effect allows you to easily ride on rural paths or gravel roads.

Starting from the spacious and flat road, we didn't feel any bumps when cycling on it. The yellow and green leaves on both sides of the cycling road are so beautiful and comfortable. Then we decided to go straight into the deep mountains for cycling. At the beginning of entering the mountains, the road remained flat and comfortable, but as we delved deeper into the mountains, the road gradually became bumpy. The off-road performance of electric dirt bike has been fully demonstrated, and the suspension system is flexible and robust, as if it were tailored for rugged mountain paths.

Riding on a flat road

Riding on gravel off-road

We Txed regularly conduct cycling tests and experiences on our electric mountain bikes in the mountains of northern Tianjin every week. We have different testing and experience subjects. Including:

- We repeatedly cycled on natural gravel roads in mountainous areas and found if our overall performance and impact resistance were excellent. At the same time, we personally experience the riding comfort under such riding conditions;

- Through these practical cycling tests and experiential activities, we are prompted to discover and manufacture our optimal system configuration. Continuously improving the performance of our electric bicycles. Truly, it enables us to make our electric bicycles not only fashionable and avant-garde in design, but also outstanding in performance.

The Jizhou electric assistance bike riding trial activity is not only a brief experience, but also the transmission and continuation of our Txed company's green travel concept. Through WeChat official account and other social media, we will continue to maintain close interaction with users and provide more information and services on electric assistance bicycles. We are looking forward to the future, that we can work together on the path of green travel and create a bright and beautiful future together.

We are always striving for more excellence!